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Observations Regarding Screen Resolution

If I ran Ubuntu or Linux Mint as a virtual machine, I found the the default screen resolution did not fill the entire screen on higher resolution monitors.
My work-around was to launch Ubuntu or Linux Mint and then edit the grub file,
manually altering the screen resolution because the required resolution could not be accomplished via a graphical interface (GUI)
Here are the steps that I took for Ubuntu 18.04
Open the Terminal to the default directory. Here is how I did that
At the terminal, change to the root directory by typing cd /
Type cd /etc
Type cd default (Notice that the command was not cd /default
Type sudo gedit grub (This sequence opens the Gedit text editor to the grub file at /etc/default)
Enter your password (It will not be displayed)

The grub file contains a line that reads as follows
Modify it to read as follows
GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash video=hyperv_fb:1920x1080"
Save the file
Type update-grub to do just that

Return to the Windows desktop and change the screen resolution in Windows to 1920x1080.
Do this by going to the desktop and right clicking an open area.
Left click on Display Settings and change to 1920x1080

Re-launch Ubuntu and it will fill the screen. If you skip the previous step, the Ubuntu desktop will not cover the Windows desktop completely.
The native resolution of my laptop is 2560x1440 but at the time of this posting, Ubuntu is apparently only capable of delivering 1920x1080. Entering a higher resolution in grub fails.

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