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Microsoft offers a tool, Magnifier,. that, when enabled, allows the user to enlarge the screen incrementally.
I find to be a quite useful tool when I am presenting to a large group of people and I wish to highlight a particular part of my screen.

With Magnifier enabled, you can enlarge the screen by holding down the Windows Key and pressing the + key.
To reduce magnification, hold down the Windows Key and press the - key

I only use Magnifier when others are viewing my screen. In normal usage, I donít need or want Magnifier to be active.

I could close the application by clicking on the X in the upper right hand corner and Magnifier would close until I manually opened it again.

Note that Start Magnifier at Startup does not always appear as an option on this screen. In testing, I found that sometimes it did, other times it didn'tít.

With the option, Start Magnifier at Startup not visible, I restarted my computer. Magnifier enabled itself on Startup.

I searched on line for how to change this behavior and found some information at

I followed the steps set forth but when I restarted my computer, Magnifier still launched at Startup.

At that point, I did some searching on my own.

To configure Magnifier so that it doesnít launch at Startup I did the following

In the Search Box the magnifying glass icon (just to the right of the Start Button) type Ease of Access Magnifier Settings

Uncheck the box Start Magnifier after Sign-in

As advertised, with this change, Magnifier will not start automatically the next time that you restart Windows.

If you want to call up Magnifier, type Magnifier in the Search Box or hold down the Windows key and press +

The application may or may not automatically start up automatically when you reboot your computer

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